ABS Sales Events

  • Average Revenue from Sales Events


Units Sold 46
Average per Unit $5,400.00
Average 5 Day Event Total $248,000.00

ABS Sales Events


Each event is carefully researched, analyzed and conducted to meet your unique sales requirements. Our market caters toward creating the most successful events.

1) Our process begins with a fully vetted design team assigned to only your dealership. They work around the clock to create the perfect compliant state mail piece targeted towards any audience. Each and every design is state of the art and will capture only the best results in the market.

2) Our state of the art design department works to ensure only the best of results. Using various dealership data, credit data, and past market analysis, they are able to better target a wider range of customers. After also implementing zip codes and other various marketing results, we can insure only above average results, at the most minimal costs. No other company has our staff, technology, or equipment meaning only WE get the best results in the market!

3) Our Legal Department operates 24/7 and is always only a phone call away! We assure our partnering companies are compliant with each state’s specific requirements. Only we can provide signed documentation from the Attorney General proving your compliance 100%. We work with your company to keep you updated on the ongoing changes and regulations of the AD market at no extra cost. Our legal department can oversee any operation or request you have!

4) ABS engineers follows a strict code of conduct with all of our employees. We know how important it is to each of our companies that rules and regulations put in place by dealerships must be followed! Our number one rule in management is to strive for success and help the home team come together. Each fully vetted employee steps on the lot to achieve only the best results.

5) ABS takes pride in creating business that is always 100% fundable with in House stipulations. We participate in all cancellations and charge backs. These high standards of business continue to put ABS Marketing above the competition and create long lasting dealership relations!

Coop Approvals

We are one of the few advertising agencies that is approved to get a coop approval letter within 48 hours or less. Let ABS Marketing take care of your coop approvals while your company continues your normal business routine. This means that your marketing campaign can amount to pennies on the dollar or in some promotions FREE!