We have a variety of different marketing campaigns for the setup of a direct sale or advertisement with your company. We study the logistics, using inside groupers to get every detail right to ensure maximum quality for your investment. We have complete quality control, that helps us to provide much better rates than our competitors, which makes us the best in the business! Tracking and calling helps us to monitor the perfect place to set up property, to ensure complete success throughout the entirety of your investment. By maximizing on our set up, we are maximizing the return of your initial investment back to you the original advertiser!



to Enhance the direct mail experience by creating a personalized landing page for each mail recipient.

Landing Pages

to Quickly build responsive landing pages to capture lead information. Add Polls and Social Sharing to the customer experience to gain valuable insight and intelligence.

Social Share

to Harness the power of word of mouth sharing between customers with our add-on social share tools. It’s a quick way to get customers talking about your campaign.


the Provision a local or toll free number to qualify customers and measure intent. Create an appointment hotline to predict in store traffic.

SMS enabling

where In a mobile first world, it allows your customers to respond with ease of sending a text.

Live Call Center

to Take advantage of every inbound call with our highly skilled dedicated agents. Proven and tested scripts maximize appointments set and event traffic.


Di-cut postcards and many other projects.

We have collaborated with many companies including Chevrolet, Chrysler-Dodge, GM, Nissan, Harley Davidson, Alcohol Vendors, Real Estate and Many More. We have also partnered with many national casinos. We are licensed through Visa and are collaborating with them on many projects, using online agents to print out props. Just remember, our creation is to your imagination!

As far as the equipment we use, we have a specialized process for printing. The unique deals that we personalize per area are printed for the web press, and multiple digital presses to do various imaging. As the printed ads go through the machines, there is special binder equipment that cuts, stitches, covers, coats, imprint, and impress the pieces into different di-cutters for the specific shapes in the equipment. We are able to make books with the cutters and impressions to completely cut out the middleman, and increase your profits as the investor. We are able to meet your specific guidelines, to create the print and media work that is absolutely perfect for you!


Design Department

  • Oversized Laminated posters
  • Tri-folds
  • Pull tab mailers
  • Scratch tab mailers
  • Personalized mailers
  • Personalized print work
  • Mailed attachments
  • Pull tabs
  • Menus
  • Personalized cards
  • Post cards
  • Personalized letters and envelopes
  • Credit Mailers
  • Buy Back Mailers
  • Service Mailers
  • Bankruptcy Mailers
  • SMS Texting
  • Email