Post Office

One of the many advantages in investing with us, is our direct affiliation with the US Post Office, that is located right in our mailing headquarters. This allows for a direct drop date, and cuts down on the mailing time to get out to your targeted audience. The direct control over this process increases the deliverability of your products to your Direct Distribution Unit (DDU). Therefore, increasing your profits without costing you more, and by saving your time. Our tracking system is managed in it’s very own department with it’s own affiliates.  Every piece of mail is given a unique, fully-trackable barcode to show which scan points it can reach. Outside of this, we have other technology to monitor the mail when it hits the streets, and to track how useful it is, to store the data for the future. An IBR system is used to monitor how many callers from each region reach out as compared to how many mailers are sent out. This comes with a fully staffed and funded 24/7 call center to scan the zip codes for those calling in response to the ads. This state of the art technology is something that only our company has, putting us at the forefront for advertising, and keeping us the best in the business!

Printing Facility

Our 60,000 square foot facility is equipped with the latest in printing technology including an offset webpress, digital press, bindery room, tabbing equipment, internal R&D team, and onsite merlin. Every ABS customer receives full access to our suite of services ensuring each job is the prepared and equipped with the highest quality standards and most responsive technologies.

Without compromising quality or results, we deliver the quickest turnarounds for customized mailers with our in-house offset webpress and digital presses.

ABS Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing department uses emails, phone calls, and ring less voicemails, live call center, SMS and MMS services, virtual displays and other various mediums to reach our intended markets. Our team completely scrubs, analyzes and researches your past data and events to see what specifically what works with your market versus what does not. Our team then takes that information to design a campaign that features marketing to contribute to your brand awareness with the easiest access and most effective displays!

Call Center

All included under the umbrella of our technology department, is a live 24/7 Call center monitors, and analyzes the information that comes in, to help improve the technology we use. By monitoring the data that comes in, we are able to store names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and much more information necessary when developing and researching these ads. Our call center monitors the incoming calls, and directs the calls based on the information the audience. Embedded in our technology department is also an SMS department, that will send out texts where available. This is all monitored by a third party, to save and store information in a more safe, secure and convenient way that increases response rates. We also send emails, online advertisements, online designs, and many more products are available to add another layer of interaction to your response rates!